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07 February, 2007

Still Here, Still At Home

I'm still here, stuck at home. The doc had previously cleared me to start driving, but that was the Friday before I fell, so, since I had to get back on the pain pills pretty steady, I haven't tried to drive. Also, the last few times I've went to my PT appointments, my blood pressure has crashed down to the 60 over 40 range. It was so bad yesterday, they almost admitted me overnight for observation. It went so low for so long, they wouldn't let me leave until it came above 90 over xx for at least two readings. When it finally raised enough for me to leave, we did. Then when I finally got home, it fell again.

It's a horrible feeling when it happens. I lose all energy, my vision starts graying out, I can't see anything, it all appears to be washed out by excessive light. It's hard to describe accurately. It's definitely not something you want to happen while you're driving. My doc took me off all of my BP meds for now to see if that will help.

So, I guess that's where I am now. Stuck at home, not allowed to go back to work until the incision heals, and too scared to drive until my BP levels out.

Go ahead, admit it. You know you envy me.



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