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01 February, 2007

First Setback

Sorry I haven't been around for the last few days, but I suffered a setback Monday night. I was standing at the side of my bed when I lost my balance and fell. Nearly straight down. On my stump. Directly on my stump. It hurt, but it cleared up within a few minutes. I struggled up the side of the bed, and got into it, and finally fell asleep. The next morning the pain was back in force. That afternoon, I went back to my ortho doc, where he looked at it and told me I had pulled the incision loose for about an inch and a half. He placed a couple of stitches at each end of it so it wouldn't open up any more, dressed it up, and sent me home with a refill for hydrocodone. He said it should be fine, just don't fall on it anymore. Sound, sage advice, huh?

Well, I've been eating them hydrocodones every 4 hours, since. I've had to sleep in my recliner because it hurts my leg to lay flat, and I'm afraid I'm screwing it up. I think it's drawing up to where I can't straighten it out. I keep trying to straighten it out, but it feels like it's really pulling the hamstring. I hope I haven't done anything real bad, but it's kinda scary, ya know?



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