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31 December, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my dear wife and me! 10 years of marriage on Dec. 28th!

We celebrated in our usual tradition, dinner and a movie. I took her to the finest restaurant in town, then we saw "Pursuit Of Happyness" with Will Smith.

Every anniversary we've had, this has been our ritual. Dinner or Supper at a better restaurant than we usually frequent, then a movie. Presents, if any, are doled out earlier, or later, or just promised. This year, I received a "just promised" gift. We have to investigate prices and my legs have to be healed before it can be done, but my wife said she would get me another tattoo. I can have a new one, or I can finish the memorial tat I already have, as seen here.

This is in memory of my father, who passed away in 1989. I want to get lettering added to it saying "In Memory Of" across the top, and his name and the years of his birth and death across the bottom.

If you can't make it out, it's a version of this sculpture. This was one of my father's favorite pieces of art, but he never got to see the original. I now carry this rendition on my shoulder in memory of him.

I'm still trying to decide which I'll do. Complete the memorial, or add a new piece of art to celebrate something else, something not quite so sad. Because the "End of The Trail" is a sad piece, a sad reminder of a great people forced to leave their homes, and journey to a place utterly foreign to them, the Oklahoma Territory.

Sorry, I know this started out as a happy post, and I am still happy about my anniversary, but, somehow, I lost sight of the end and it went to a place I'm not entirely at peace with yet.

I still miss him.



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