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26 January, 2007

Appointments Today

Well, I saw my Orthopedic surgeon today. According to him, I am progressing excellently. He's happy with the state of my stump, no infection, no drainage, no pulled stitches, it's all good. he removed the stitches and the staples and wants to see me again in two weeks. At that time, he said he will start compression wrapping the stump, in order to re-form it into the correct shape for an artificial leg.

Since my wife didn't get to see my leg the last time it was re-wrapped, she went to the appointment with me today. I had told her that where the flap had been folded up and sewn to the front of my leg, it seemed to me to be a bit football shaped, you know, kinda pointed on each side? She sat there staring at my stump, then she spoke up.

"No, it's not football shaped. It looks more like a fried pie."

I thought the poor nurse was going to strangle trying not to laugh.

Stay tuned, folks.



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