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06 November, 2006

RenFest Notes

Well, we're back. Actually, we got back late last night. RenFest was AWESOME! I got to have all my favorite foods and beverages, and a good time was had by all. Here are a few notes and remembrances:

FOOD - The food was good, if a little overpriced, but that was expected. I got to sample all of my favorites, turkey leg, scotch egg, roasted corn-on-the-cob, and mead. The scotch egg was a little overcooked, but just a little. Otherwise, everything else was done to Fair-Quality perfection.

THEME - Since when did the Renaissance include everybody from cavemen to 19th century pirates? I know it's all in fun, but people have really started to stretch it. Several pirates showed up, along with cavemen, fairies, demons, and other assorted out-of-period costumes. A lot of Captain Jack Sparrows showed up, ranging from very good to absolutely horrid. I even heard rumors that someone in a StormTrooper costume showed up. I guess he was going for that Time Travel angle. All in all, fun, but not very authentic.

COSTUMES - We saw some very good costumes. Like this guy dressed as Cap'n Jack.

He was a little big for the role, and the braces took away from it a little, but pretty good. That's my daughter standing there with them.

My favorite costume of the whole thing was this guy.

I'm not sure exactly what he was supposed to be, but you had to see the costume in real life to get the effect. Freakin' awesome!

As one performer said, the renfest is the last place to see hippies in the wild. There was a lot of hippie influence to the thing, which, in retrospect, isn't real surprising, seeing as it was hippies who started this whole thing. Oh, well, this conservative still had a good time.


P.S. I'm studying that guy's costume and looking for instruction on making leather armor. I will go attired correctly next year, or close to correctly, anyway.


  • At 07 November, 2006 07:08 , Anonymous chou said...

    pirates and cavemen? sheesh. that's pretty funny. do you think they feel out of place or do they think it's just a big costume party?

  • At 01 January, 2007 15:08 , Blogger Ronni said...

    I lightened up the pic of the guy in the leather armour. I am so impressed! Beautiful and creepy at the same time.

    I'd love to post it, giving appropriate credit, of course. May I?


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