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24 October, 2006

Hello, Is Anyone There?

Well, I shot my record all to hell with that last little bout of non-blogging. There I go bragging about 5,000 visitors, then I get felled by a bug, and don't touch this for 4 days. Although, I have to say, sprinting to the bathroom and sluggishly dragging yourself back to the bed doesn't leave much time or enthusiasm for blogging.

I feel much better today, though. In fact, I somehow got to work today, without having to stop on the way in, except for my beloved Double Gulp of Diet Dr. Pepper. A feat not possible for the last three days, believe me. In fact, I didn't even see my living room until last night.

I won't say I'm back in the saddle, but I can at least see the dang barn.


P.S. It's taking me a hell of a lot longer to drain that Double Gulp than it usually does.



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