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12 October, 2006

Reason #5,374 Why I Love My In-Laws

Man, I love my in-laws! You talk about the greatest people in the world, that's them! They have been the nicest people ever since my wife and I started dating 15 years ago. Never a cross word from my mother-in-law. No snide remarks. My father-in-law and I play poker together in a little monthly tournament. They've welcomed me just as a son, something they NEVER did with my wife's first husband.

Which brings me to the case in point. About 2 years ago, they went on a cruise to Greece, Italy, and parts around there. When they returned, they brought everybody souvenirs, mine being a nice t-shirt and a small bottle of Ouzo, straight from Greece. Just the best stuff!

This year, when they cruised the Mediterranean, they asked me if I would like some more Ouzo when they returned. Being the connoisseur of fine liquor that I am(snrk, snrk), I enthusiastically agreed.

Well, what they returned with wasn't Ouzo, but this:

Man, talk about cool! This is Raki, a grape-based anise seed flavored liqueur from Turkey that beats all of the Ouzo I have ever tasted.

They said they thought I would like this better, since I still had some Ouzo left. I wholeheartedly agreed.

Now, are they some cool people, or what?



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