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30 April, 2007

Something I've Noticed

Something I've noticed since my amputation is that far more women than men offer to help me get in and out of my car. In fact, the ratio is something like 30:1. It's not like I need the help, but whenever a woman walks by when I am putting my wheelchair in my car, she will almost invariably ask me if she can help. I always politely decline and thank them.

I think the disparity comes from a desire to help someone. The women see me, a legless individual, putting that chair in the trunk, and see someone who needs help, regardless of my real ability. Men walk by and see the same event, but they figure, if I'm not asking for help, or lying on the ground bleeding, "Hell, he's got it figured out. He don't need me." and they're right. I do have it figured out, and most times, I don't need any help.

But if my wife ever leaves me, men will still see the same thing, but women are gonna see one needy, helpless individual.

I said I was able, not stupid!


Update: Hey, everybody. I wasn't talking about holding a door open for someone else, or stuff like that. Shoot, that's just common courtesy, and I still do that for others, even now that I'm in a wheelchair. Heck, anybody that wouldn't hold a door for someone ain't worth shootin', and refusing to accept gracefully is even worse. Hammer said he has held doors for people in wheelchairs before, and got his head bit off for it. Don't let it bother you, man. Just start walking in front of them and let rip a big, juicy, underwear-staining fart. It don't help the situation much, but you'll feel a lot better. B-)>


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